NEW developed Multi Beam Klystron by VDBT.

Model: BT267 (16MW, S-Band, 78kV, 420A, 20kW, 16µs, permanent magnet)

BT267 S-Band Datasheet 18267-00


Multi-Beam Klystron(MBK) from VDBT

New Data Sheets regarding new  3.5MW MBK:s covering X/C/S-Band:

BT263 X-band MBK Datasheet 18263-01

BT264 C-band MBK Datasheet 18264-01

BT262 S-band MBK Datasheet 18262-01


The presentation at International Workshop on Breakdown Science and High Gradient Technology (HG2018)

“High Efficiency, High Power, Low Voltage MBK BAC-TCC Technology Covering X/C/S-Band” can be downloaded here.


NELSON has signed an exclusive Contract with JSC “Vacuum device’s basic technologies(VDBT), Russian Federation. NELSON is appointed by VDBT to represent them in China and South Korea. The main products from VDBT is MBK klystrons, accelerators, cathodes, getters and x-ray tubes.


NELSON sign Exclusivity Rights with Wuhu Glory MV Electronics Co. Ltd. The main products cover from HV Solid State Pulse Modulator, Electron Gun Modulated Power Supply, Charging Power Supply, Laser Power Supply, Low Voltage Power Supply, Superconducting Magnet Power Supply, X-Ray machine Power Supply, Vacuum Pump Power Supply to Special Electronic Components such as Pulse Transformer, Special Transformer, Special Inductor, Current Transformer, and Voltage Divider etc.

More information please download brochure(PDF) here.


NELSON have updated the contract with Kunshan GuoLi Vacuum Electric Co., Ltd and now have the Exclusivity to market and sell Vacuum Capacitors, DC Contactors, AC Contactors, Vacuum Interrupters and Hydrogen Thyratrons in Europe, click here for more info.


NELSON launches homepage.


NELSON receives the right from CETC12, 12th Institute so sell and market their products which includes Magnetrons, TWT, MPM, Thyratrons etc.


NELSON receives the right to sell cavities in Europe from the biggest cavity manufacturer in China.


NELSON signs Exclusive Distribution Contract with Kunshan GuoLi Vacuum Electric Co., Ltd. regarding Pulsed and CW Magnetrons for Europe market.


NELSON participate at ELECTRONICA, München, Germany.


NELSON reach one of the milestones by covering 20 countries with support from representatives around Europe.


Mrs. Minna Guo joins NELSON. Mrs Guo is appointed as Technical Manager. With Electrical Engineering degree from Lund University, Sweden.


NELSON signs Exclusive Distribution Contract for 798 Microwave Ltd’s High Power Circulators, Ferrites, Waveguide etc. for the European market.


NELSON signs Exclusive Distribution Contract for PORTA RAY’s NDT and Linear Accelerator Systems for Europe.


NELSON Created  AB is formed and registered as a company that will import and export microwave components.