The company, JSC “Vacuum device’s basic technologies(VDBT), ,  was created for the development and manufacture

of precision microwave vacuum-electron-tube devices (VETD).

The main product areas being manufactured are:

  • Linear electron accelerators.
  • Vacuum-tube radar devices.
  • Multi-beam high power klystrons (MBK).

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Located at Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Anhui Province, Wuhu Glory MV Electronics Co. Ltd is a well–equipped company. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary to GLARUN Technology Co. Ltd, of which the Fourteenth Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation holds the share. Glory MV is a High-Tech enterprise, specializing in the researching, manufacturing and designing of Pulse Power Electronic Technology Products. The company is complied with the Domestic and

The main products cover from HV pulse modulator, Electron Gun Modulated Power Supply, Charging Power Supply, Laser Power Supply, Low Voltage Power Supply, Superconducting Magnet Power Supply, X-Ray machine Power Supply, Vacuum Pump Power Supply to Special Electronic Components such as Pulse Transformer, Special Transformer, Special Inductor, Current Transformer, and Voltage Divider etc. The products have been modularized, intellectualized and serialized and are widely used in Electronic Accelerator, Radar, Laser, RF Amplifier and National Defense Electronics etc.




12th Institute(CETC12) is the principal centre of fundamental research and frontier technology research of RF & vacuum devices in China. It has been manufacturing vacuum and RF products for decades. Main product of 12th Institute includes TWT, Switch Tube, Forward Wave Amplifier, Klystron and Magnetrons.屏幕快照 2016-11-28 下午3.27.09.png




798 MICROWAVE CO., LTD has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of microwave ferrite components, specializing in isolators, circulators and terminations for more than 50 years.

Moreover their customized production is widely used in satellite communication, radar, navigation, radio and television, microwave communications, wireless communications and electron accelerator systems.

In-house ferrite materials facilities, computer-aided design, experienced research and development teams, allow us to offer customers specific designs with optimal features.





Kunshan GuoLi Vacuum Electric Co., Ltd (GLVAC) engages in R&D, manufacturing and selling the products of HV Relays, Vacuum Capacitors, Vacuum Interrupters, DC and AC Contactors, Circuit Breakers, Hydrogen Thyratrons, Magnetrons, Spark Gaps and other vacuum electrical apparatuses. These products are mainly used in mining, military, aviation, broadcast communication, new energy (include motor vehicle), metallurgy, power, medical, semiconductor, environmental protection, industry flaw detection, security inspection and other devices. GLVAC is one of the enterprises who take most shares in domestic market.2





PortaRay (Beijing) NDT Solution Co.,Ltd is located in the Science and Technology Park, Changping, Beijing. We are dedicated for the development, manufacture, sales and service of X-ray NDT system. Aiming to provide the compact, portable liner accelerator and integrated solution for Non Destructive Testing(NDT), such as film detection, Industrial CT and DR. Our compact and State-of-Art Design can significantly reduce the life cycle cost, installation time with improved performance.

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