Located at Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Anhui Province, Wuhu Glory MV Electronics Co. Ltd is a well–equipped company. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary to GLARUN Technology Co. Ltd, of which the Fourteenth Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation holds the share. Glory MV is a High-Tech enterprise, specializing in the researching, manufacturing and designing of Pulse Power Electronic Technology Products. The company is complied with the Domestic and

The main products cover from HV pulse modulator, Electron Gun Modulated Power Supply, Charging Power Supply, Laser Power Supply, Low Voltage Power Supply, Superconducting Magnet Power Supply, X-Ray machine Power Supply, Vacuum Pump Power Supply to Special Electronic Components such as Pulse Transformer, Special Transformer, Special Inductor, Current Transformer, and Voltage Divider etc. The products have been modularized, intellectualized and serialized and are widely used in Electronic Accelerator, Radar, Laser, RF Amplifier and National Defense Electronics etc.