Main Parameters for BT258A and BT258B

  •  RF Frequency: 2.99855 GHz (Option: 2.856 GHz)
  • Peak RF Power:  3-8MW
  • Efficiency: >60%
  • RF Gain: 45dB
  • RF pulse length: 5-16µs
  • Peak voltage: 43/60kV
  • Peak current: 150/250A
  • Average power: 2-30kW
  • Permanent magnet

Advantages of BT258A/B

Low Working voltage (less than half) when compared to similar RF power single beam klystrons.

  • Reduction of harmful X-rays during operation.
  • High efficiency performance due to the state-of-art Bunching Alignment velocities Collecting (BAC) beam technology.
  • Ability to work in air, without an oil tank, which reduces the installation weight.
  • It can operate in spatial position and on mobile installations.
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) is much better since you need less power and the overall systems becomes smaller.
  • Permanent magnet focusing that significantly reduces the MBK weight and additionally increases overall system efficiency due to the absence of solenoid power losses.
  • Application for the BT258A/B is Medical, Industry and Science.

Download BT258A-B Datasheet. PDF